JooSoap: Local produce, local use eco-soap!

Make your home eco-soap to clean the house! Tee ekologista saippuaa kotona!


You have a chance to participate in JooSoap making workshops in Helsinki!

Summer event schedule 2016:

JooSoap recycleds used cooking oil-04Vappumunkki Saippuaa / used cooking oil gathering
Ravintolapäivä Saippuaa / used cooking oil gathering

10-12.06.2016 (workshop in the afternoon of 11.06), OSCEDays Helsinki 2016
18-21.08.2016 (workshop time to be confirmed), ALKU Festival, Salo, Finland

Workshop 2016:

Join JooSoap Studio to make eco-soaps out of used cooking oil for household cleaning. Tested and tried technologies/experience from Taiwan since 1996! In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to make eco-soap and get acquainted with related environmental and health issues. The price includes all material and equipment. We will source some used cooking oil from local restaurants in Helsinki, you are also welcome to bring your own used cooking oil from your kitchen.

Eventbrite - JooSoap Workshop: Making Eco-Soap out of used cooking oil

16:00-18:00 (May 22 / July 1, 16 / August 14, 17, 28 / September 3)
at JooSoap Studio, Helsinki
Tallikatu (Kääntöpöytä / Turntable)
Pasilan Vanhat veturitallit
00520 Helsinki, Finland

Contact us if you want to organize a JooSoap workshop for your organization. The JooSoap workshop toolkit is also available to borrow in Helsinki 🙂

In Taichung Maple Community, they organize eco-soap workshops almost every week and provide lectures in other cities. Co-making workshop in “大樹日Big Tree Day” on every last Sunday of the month. Contact them if you are in Taiwan.  🙂

JooSoap workshop@Siivouspäivä etkot 3 JooSoap workshop@Siivouspäivä etkot 2joosoap workshop 2014-08-24 joosoap workshop 2014-08-181




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Oil for Eco-Soap

Save your Vappumunkki oil for swapping Eco-SoapsMay 1st, 2016
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Oil for Eco-Soap II

Save your Restaurant Day oil for Swapping Eco-soapsMay 22nd, 2016
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