JooSoap x NPO せっけんの街(Sekken no Machi Oranization)

A honored and inspired visiting to eco-soap making pioneer when Ying-Ju transfer her flight in Tokyo, Japan. The Eco-soap knowledge she learned and collaborate with Taiwan Maple Community is originally learned from these masters in 1995. NPO Sekken no Machi Oranization(せっけんの街) has just celebrated their 30 years anniversary and still very actively spreading this knowledge in Japan. They have two factory in Chiba Prefecture. Ying-Ju visited the one near NRT airport: 印旛沼せっけん情報センター(Inbanuma Soap Factory), which is focusing on producing solid soap and liquid soap.

Sekken no Machi 7
The master was explaining the customized machine built by local engineer.

Sekken no Machi 12

The technique they used is slight different from us and is made with customized machine: they heated the liquid while making solid soap and use KOH method to make liquid soap. Since they have machine, the product line are more stable and with bigger volume provided. The products are certificated and examined by government every year so they are allowed to sell in the market/shop and online store.

Besides presenting the Eco-soap movement done by Maple Community in Taiwan since 1996, Ying-Ju also shared the experiences and story of JooSoap project acting in Finland and with other contacts from around the world through JooSoap website and FB page in the past 2 years. We also discussed the idea and possibility of local-global networking and hopefully to realize soon.(welcome to join us!)
Sekken no Machi 13
Thanks again for their guiding and even found 3 doctoral students to assist translation. We had great time to exchange our stories and hope these photos could also inspire others.
More info:


JooSoap Studio workshop in Kääntöpöytä / Turntable

JooSoap workshop turntable

Collect yours from kitchen, from Restaurant Day or just come join us in this cool place.
We are going to try Japanilainen Ravintola DOMO’s used cooking oil & used cooking oil from Restaurant Day 🙂
2 workshops at 13:30 and 15:30 on Sunday 17.Aug.2014(Restaurant Day), 24.Aug.2014
place:JooSoap Studio in Kääntöpöytä/Turntable
Material fee: by donation(you get lots of eco-soaps home)

Bring this to JooSoap workshop




*Bring some recycled paper cups, yogurt cups, plastic bottles from your home.

1.JooSoap Studio*Restaurant Day 17.08.2014

We made 3 liters of used cooking oil with participants from Finland, Germany, Taiwan, Korea 🙂

joosoap workshop 2014-08-181

joosoap participantjoosoap workshop 17082014



2.JooSoap Studio 24.08.2014

Table is set up! Luckily got some sunshine in a rainy week.
This time is in backyard of Kääntöpöytä. We made 6 liters of used cooking oil today! Which team won the “clean oil”? and what color will it turns? let’s see after 1 month 🙂

joosoap workshop 2014-08-24joosoap workshop 24082014
Joosoap video 02


A short report of JooSoap Studio Journey- 2014 (in Traditional Chinese).

JooSoap環保肥皂在國際線上 2010-2014的旅程


Try out our Joosoap Toolkit

joosoap toolkit

Joosoap toolkit is finally prototyped!! I would like to invite 3 group of people(2 people in a group) to join the tryout session to test the Joosoap Toolkit(in English).

Time: Saturday, 1th , January, 2014  14:00-17:00

Place: Koskela, Helsinki (address will provide privately)

#please bring some recycled paper cups, yogurt cups, plastic bottles from your kitchen

It will take around 2,5 hours and you will have a set of Joosoap/liquid soap in return. Invite your friend(s) and sent me an e-mail:

JooSoap workshop@Siivouspäivä etkot 2013

Siivouspäivä, cleaning day is now a big day for friends of secondhand and urban culture.

On 22nd May, Siivouspäivä etkot(pre-party) event, we had 2 workshops with altogether 17 people participated hands-on making and other more people joined for discussions.

Although the weather was rainy outside, we still successful completed this event and had fun. I hope everyone had a great experience with us and enjoy using their JooSoap when it’s ready.  🙂

JooSoap workshop@Siivouspäivä etkot No electricity needed, all tools were compacted in two bags with new design of instruction, waiting labels, notecards (download here). 🙂

The workshop started from watching JooSoap introduction video (watch again here: JooSoap video) to have a brief understanding of making this type of eco-soap.

JooSoap workshop@Siivouspäivä etkot 2

Due to the safety concern inside of the Helsingin Energia office, we did the lye water mixing part outside.

Some participants brought their own containers, scent oil they liked, and even own used cooking oil from home to the workshop.

Gloves on! Let’s start making!!

JooSoap workshop@Siivouspäivä etkot 3

After wrote down the date of making, participants fond their way of packaging their JooSoaps.

Brainstorming!! (share your way of packaging with us!)

siivouspaiva 4

After 3 days, took JooSoap out of the moulds and cut into small pieces. They look great with Iitalla’s plate!!(photo from the participant Iiris, kiitos!)

*Special thanks to Siivouspäivä etkot team, Helsingin Energia, participants, Täffä restaurant, and Tiina Teras’s assistant to complete this great workshop. 😀

Siivouspäivä etkot : JooSoap workshop

Come join us on Siivouspäivä etkot : JooSoap workshop and bring the soap back for cleaning your home 🙂

say going @

NOW, the workshop will be start INSIDE of the Helsingin Energia, 3F Sähkötalo, Kamppi (Kampinkuja 2, 00100 Helsinki, Finland)

siivouspaiva poster

JooSoap vs. Castle Cieszyn

Zamek Cieszyn is a reginal design center in Cieszyn, on the Polish-Czech border. This year is their 8th anniversary. I had a great time visiting exhibitions, sharing JooSoap story to audiences in the Art Castel conference and 2 eco-soap making workshops with local residents. Thanks for your participating, also your smiles and feedbacks . Let’s see how your soaps look like in Easter! 🙂
Joosoap vs. Castle Cieszyn

Joosoap@zamek Workshop1Workshop #1.
“Do you think it’s easy or difficult to make eco-soap after you read the making instruction?”

joosoap @ Zamek Workshop 2Workshop #2.
Participants invent a clever way to bring their soaps home.
“Will you try again with your friends?”
“YES!” “Sure!” “It’s easy!”

JooSoap@Zamek Cieszyn 8th anniversary

1.2-3.2.2013 Very Wise Birthday of Castle Cieszyn

So happy to be invited to give a presentation and workshop in Zamek Cieszyn.
2 Eco-soap making Workshops on 2.2(Sat.) 11:00-12:00, 17:00-18:00

We will have fun!

Joosoap vs Lauttasaaren yhteiskoulu

Nice workshops in Secondary and Upper Secondary School of Lauttasaari on their hand-washing day. Later on they will make their own package for the soap in art class. 🙂

Handwashing in Lauttasaari(Instruction Download:  Joosoap Making 2013)

Joosoap instruction 2012

JooSoap vs Zamek Cieszyn in Poland

@Zamek Cieszyn

JooSoap is selected as a good example of ecology and environmental protection in the exhibition
“Gramy w zielone. Odpowiedzialne projektowanie” (We play in green. responsible design)
@ Zamek Cieszyn in Poland-a regional design center on the Polish-Czech border.–odpowiedzialne-projektowanie-400

Time: 10.08. to 23.09.2012  10.00 – 17.00

Say hello to the soap if you are around!!

Bring you own used cooking oil for workshop

Joosoap workshop June

Andy, the coach from Design Factory tried his first time! Easy!

Wow, Bianca is the first one brings own used cooking oil to the workshop.
The oil her brought is so clean!! Her soaps will definitely white and shining 🙂

JooSoap * MoA 2012

We will have a small stand in Design Factory projects/Unicef Finland area in this year MoA.
Just next to amazing toilet area.


MoA Exhibition

Rantamakasiini L3
Tyynenmerenkatu 6
(ent. / ex. Hietasaarenkuja 6)

9 May- 3 June 2012

Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm
Sat-Sun 12pm-6pm

Gathering used cooking oil

We are now mostly gathering used cooking oil from Täffä restaurant on TKK campus, also some from friends kitchen. Restaurant manager is very exciting about this project. 🙂
When we have more soap/liquid soap ready, we give some to them in return.

*Täffä is a very popular student restaurant that offer french fries in their menu.

New display space in Design Factory

Winter time….snowing and freezing outside.
We moved from garage to an inside display area in room Puuhama in Aalto Design Factory.

Some ugly soaps are given away, gratefully with feedback in return. 🙂
Yeah, soaps are decrease week by week.
Welcome to stop by to get yours.



Eco-Soap Making Workshop 10.9.2011


So exciting here at Nordic Climate Festival Fair.
Next workshop will be held on
Saturday,13:00-14:00, 10.9.2011
at JooSoap Studio in backyard of Aalto University Design Factory.

We hope the weather is nice, if it is rainy, we will have to cancel it….

Due to the space limit, we will only take 10 people in one workshop.
Please Sign up here:

JooSoap vs Nordic Climate Festival

Joosoap is chosen to the give away present to Nordic Climate Festival workshop participants.
We come up a good idea to package them.
Well Done!

*Package co-creation by Ying-Ju Lin/Ren Tong/Lam Hau Yee Noel/Kuan-Lun Lo, 2011

Ilmoittautuminen seuraavaan työpajaan avautunut

Alla olevasta linkistä voi käydä ilmoittautumassa torstaina 12.5. järjestettävään työpajaan. Kaikki mukaan!

Welcome! Tervetuloa!

This blog will help you prepare the first ecological soap.
You can also sign up for the workshop.

Tämä blogi auttaa sinua valmistamaan ekologista saippuaa.
Voit myös ilmoittautua saippuatyöpajaan, joita järjestetään pääkaupunkiseudulla.