Packaging JooSoap

How many paper cups and other waste we throw away everyday in school? flight? coffee shop? office? and some box, containers, gift paper from packages…
Let’s find some recycle material from our daily life to packaging JooSoap as a gift.
Here are some idea we got and some from participants. Share your idea to us 🙂
*feel free to download our graphic printing labels

這裡有一些我們的方法還有參與工作坊的朋友們的方法,也和我們分享你的idea吧 🙂

100% HANDMADE JooSoap

1. for yogurt cup size JooSoap (優格)杯子狀的包裝

by using recycled paper cup/運用回收紙杯

*nice paper cups designed by Marimekko that I recycled on my Finnair flight back to Finland. / 這漂亮的由Marimekko設計的紙杯是在回芬蘭的Finnari班機上所使用回收的

**Package idea by Ying-Ju Lin @ JooSoap Studio 2013

for (yogurt) cup size JooSoap


ways of packaging cup

2. for milk carton(square) size JooSoap 牛奶盒狀(方正)的包裝

by using recycled cardboard paper / 運用回收波浪紙板

*I got this cardboard paper from recycling cart in school. Sometimes I find it in packages I received.
*rubber bands from things I bought in supermarket.

**Package idea by Ying-Ju Lin/Ren Tong/Lam Hau Yee Noel/Kuan-Lun Lo@JooSoap Studio 2011

for milk carton size JooSoap IMAG5437

ways of packaging milk