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JooSoap Studio aims to spread the knowledge and movement of making eco-soap from used cooking oil in a international scale. Make locally, use locally.” is the spirits that what we believe good to our environment. We initiate this “Local-global Network” in order to gather eco-soap activists/makers around the world that let people could access to this knowledge more easily. We are starting to gather the mapping by: 1. Retrieve communities groups learned from Taichung Maple Culture Association in the past few years.(ongoing…) 2. Inviting previous contacts assisted by JooSoap Studio.(yes, to those you have been sending e-mails of questions and if you are still on the boat?) 3. Looking for eco-soap makers and NGOs around the world to join the network.

Are you also making eco-soap? Join the network and spread it forward!  (Sign up HERE!)

Are you new to this knowledge? Check your nearest location and get to know more.


JooSoap network TW

1. (since 1996~) Taichung Maple Eco-soap Studio 台中楓樹腳文化協會/楓樹環保小學堂

-Holding regular workshops
-Trained eco-soap lecturers
-Producing and selling eco-soap/liquid soap products

2. (since 2001~) 台南縣蚵寮社區 Tainan
Excellent model Level / community + elementary school 台中楓樹環保小學堂的模範學生代表,由環保老頑童洪昆旺超級專業領軍!

3. (since 2001~) 嘉義縣頂塗溝社區 Chiayi
Excellent model Level / community 台中楓樹環保小學堂的模範學生代表

4. (since 2004~) 彰化竹巷社區 Changhua
Excellent model Level / community, especially a group formed by mostly retired grandfathers and grandmothers who have even saved enough money by selling their eco-soaps, to buy land to build a community activity centre. 台中楓樹環保小學堂的模範學生代表,社區的肥皂由”千歲肥皂團”顧好好

5. 高雄文賢社區 Kaohsiung
Excellent model Level / community 台中楓樹環保小學堂的模範學生代表

6. (since 2010~) 澎湖社區大學環保生活家 Penghu

7. (since 2010~) 台中明道高中 Taichung Mingdao High School
Excellent model Level / high shcool, local produce and use in the shcool 台中楓樹環保小學堂環保肥皂模範學校代表,明道高中環保肥皂隊自製的肥皂及肥皂乳提供校園清潔用

8. 苗栗縣銅鑼鄉婦女會

9. (since 2014~) 佛光山惠中寺環保肥皂團隊 Taichung

*Training 1 (2012~) 長榮大學環保肥皂工作站 Chang Jung Christian University
2012年由台中楓樹環保小學堂資深講師群及國際志工前往教學,油是從學校廚房來的,並協助在學校資源回收站設立小型工作站 (初級班成長中)

*Training 2 (2013~) 法鼓山環保肥皂團隊
2013年10月台中楓樹小學堂前往教做環保肥皂及皂乳,並協助在閒置空間轉變為環保肥皂教學站 (初級班成長中)

JooSoap Studio x 台中楓樹環保小學堂 – for sustainable knowledge sharing

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