JooSoap Toolkit

The JooSoap Toolkit was developed (in 2014) to assist conducting eco-soap making without a face-to-face lecturing. It explores the potential of encouraging participants to conduct their own hands-on workshop with friends at home by our instructions. Thus, the eco-soap-making might happen anywhere, and the scope of eco-soap knowledge-sharing might be expanded. JooSoap Toolkit includes printing material and media resources. It makes easy for the preparation stage and also give you more freedom to try your own creativities. We are happy to see there have been several success stories from the Toolkit borrowers.
* The purpose of renting out this JooSoap Toolkit is we think this equipment could be shared while we don’t actually use it everyday. And we would like to encourage our workshop participants to continue spreading the knowledge with their family & friends’ network. “Making eco-soap is not difficult, and everyone could be a teacher.” 🙂
joosoap toolkit

“I have been using the soap: yesterday I cleaned my kitchen, balcony and my bike by using it. It worked great!”
“Thank you so much for the Toolkit!”


Please fill this form to reserve the JooSoap toolkit:

The toolkit available calendar is shown below, and you will receive a confirm e-mail from us.

*The rent for toolkit is 5 Euro per time + material fee (if you order from us).

*For safety concern, the “toolkit rental service” is currently only available for people have been joined JooSoap workshop before.

*If you have a group over 8 people interested in making JooSoap, you could contact us by sending e-mail to:  to assist you organizing a JooSoap workshop.

Invite your friends and have fun. Share us some photos and feedback form after you use it.

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