Here are some free printing materials of labels and instructions we design for everyone’s use and organize workshops. Please send us a photo of how you use it especially you use as workshop, sending gift or selling. 🙂
*Feel free to translate to other languages and send us a copy with you name so we can share to others(we will definitely credit you).

**If you are using for all kind of business marketing, please contact us in advance, thank you.

這裡提供我們設計的標籤及製作方法教材給大家用於舉辦工作坊‧教學分享使用,歡迎免費下載.列印.使用.  請照幾張相和我們分享你們如何使用這些資源及心得、建議,尤其是用作於工作坊、包裝送禮、販賣,有任何問題請和我們聯絡,謝謝 🙂
*歡迎幫忙翻譯成別種語言並寄給我們,我們將於編排過後和大家分享. (我們會特別註明由誰幫忙翻譯的)


1. JooSoap waiting labels 肥皂等待提醒標籤 (A4, English, Chinese)

JooSoap waiting label

JooSoap waiting label JooSoap waiting label tw

2. JooSoap Making Instruction 環保肥皂製作方法 (A4, English,中文, Finnish)

joosoap eco-soap making chinese

(中文) joosoap eco-soap making english(English)
JooSoap eco-soap making Finnish(Suomi) joosoap eco-soap making espanol(Español)

3. JooSoap Liquid Soap Making Instruction 環保肥皂乳製作方法(A4, English,中文, Finnish)

joosoap liquid soap making english(English)

joosoap liquid soap making chinese


JooSoap liquid soap making Finnish(Suomi)

joosoap liquid soap making espanol(Español)

4. 100% HANDMADE Packaging labels 手做標籤(A4, Black and White,5cm*5cm/6.3cm*6.3cm)

100% HANDMADE JooSoap

joosoap label 2013 6.3cm*6.3cm*12pc

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