JooSoap: Local produce, local use eco-soap!

Make your home eco-soap to clean the house! Tee ekologista saippuaa kotona!



-Organizing JooSoap workshop
-Rent JooSoap Workshop Toolkit for organizing your JooSoap workshop(Helsinki)
-Sustainable product design

Visiting address (by reservation):
Tallikatu (Kääntöpöytä / Typpilaakso)
Pasilan Vanhat veturitallit
00520 Helsinki, Finland

JooSoap & MuuMuu Studio
Y-tunnus/Business identity code: 26607847

JooSoap Studio Helsinki
Ying-Ju Lin +358 44 7077923

Aalto University/School of Art, Design and Architecture/Finland
MA graduated,Industrial and Strategic Design/ Minor studies in Creative Sustainability

turntable dodo Joosoap map 2015

joosoap maple

-Organizing eco-soap workshop
-Training eco-soap lecturers
-Sale eco-soap products & ingredients
-Eco community, visiting

Visiting by reservation:

Association Director:
江鳳英 Chiang, Feng-Ying
No.219, Liming Rd. Sec. 1, Taichung City 408, Taiwan




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Oil for Eco-Soap

Save your Vappumunkki oil for swapping Eco-SoapsMay 1st, 2016
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Oil for Eco-Soap II

Save your Restaurant Day oil for Swapping Eco-soapsMay 22nd, 2016
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JooSoap Studio HUB Helsinki, Finland

JooSoap Studio Taiwan 臺灣台中楓樹環保小學堂