JooSoap: Local produce, local use eco-soap!

Make your home eco-soap to clean the house! Tee ekologista saippuaa kotona!

Welcome! Tervetuloa!

This blog will help you prepare the first ecological soap.
You can also sign up for the workshop.

Tämä blogi auttaa sinua valmistamaan ekologista saippuaa.
Voit myös ilmoittautua saippuatyöpajaan, joita järjestetään pääkaupunkiseudulla.


2 comments on “Welcome! Tervetuloa!

  1. Carlos
    May 12, 2013

    Hello, is this soap also suitable to use when taking a bath?
    Thanks in advance

    • joosoap
      May 12, 2013

      I won’t suggest that because the smell of used cooking oil might still there and it disturb some people and the image isn’t good.
      But we do use it to wash dirty/greasy hands.

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